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What is PJA Toolkit ?
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What is PJA Toolkit ?

PJA (Pure Java AWT) Toolkit is a JavaTM library for drawing graphics developed by eTeks. It is 100% Pure Java and doesn't use any native graphics resource of the system on which the Java Virtual Machine runs.
java.awt.Graphics methods such as drawLine (), fillOval (), drawString (),... are implemented in the default JVM with native graphical functions (except in some cases for Java2D) : That means that drawLine () finally calls a GDI system function on Windows or X11 function on a X11/UNIX machine even if the drawing is done in an off-screen image using the class java.awt.Image. This ensures the best performance for drawing graphics with Java.
But in a few cases, this default behavior can cause problems that PJA Toolkit library improves :

Download PJA Toolkit

PJA Toolkit library is free under GNU General Public License. It is supplied with :

Servlet host providers can use it for their customers, if they provide copyright information and a link to http://www.eteks.com on their web site and other documentation.

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Click on one of the following links to download PJA Toolkit :

Windows pja_2.5.exe (576 KB)
MacOS 9 pja_2.5.sea.bin (678 KB)
MacOS X pja_2.5.dmg (510 KB)
Other platforms pja_2.5.zip (507 KB)

PJA Toolkit version 2.5
Last update :

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