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Messages of subject Images JPG in a J2ME mobile device which uses PNG images


Location : Spain
Member since : Jul 18, 2003
Messages : 2
 Jul 18, 2003 at 12:03 PM
I want to show images reached from the web (i.e.
http://www.something.com/image.jpg) On a mobile device using J2ME. I get
the image through the httpconnection.openDataInputStream();" method. If
I get a PNG image it shows it without problems, but it seems that the
J2ME "Image" class only supports PNG images, and I can't use the java.awt classes. I think I need a java class which converts JPG to PNG format without using java.awt.

Can you help me?




Member since : Jan 14, 2004
Messages : 1
 Jan 14, 2004 at 12:47 AM
Hola david, tengo el mismo problema que tu. Has conseguido solucionarlo?


Member since : Feb 20, 2004
Messages : 1
 Feb 20, 2004 at 1:46 PM

I have the same problem. Have you found a solution?


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