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Location : Waltham, MA
Member since : Jun 29, 2004
Messages : 1
 Jun 29, 2004 at 6:53 PM

My servlet program that generates PNG files from WMF data works fine on my desktop, but not on our Solaris server, so I am now using PJA inside my servlet, with:

Solaris 5.8
Apache Tomcat 4.1.27
JVM 1.4.1_01-b01

I have successfully run the ToolkitDemo1.2 on this server.
I tried setting headless=true, but was unsuccessful, so I set the CATALINA_OPTS (java cmd line for tomcat) to the options specified in the directions, and restarted Tomcat on this server.

-classpath /users/jplee/tools/pja_2.5/lib/pjatools.jar

My web app recognizes the PJAToolkit.
My problem happens when I try to create an Image from a Frame. I send in the width and height, like so:

in main.java:

Image img = toolkit.createImage( decoder ); // decoder implements ImageProducer

in decoder.java.startProduction(): // ImageProducer method...
fr= new Frame();

logger.info("d.width: "+ d.width);
logger.info("d.height: "+ d.height);
offscreen = fr.createImage(d.width,d.height);
logger.debug( fr );

...but the Frame comes back as, e.g.:

java.awt.Frame[frame26, 0, 0, 0x0, invalid, hidden, layout=java.awt.BorderLayout, title=, resizable, normal]

Note the size is "0X0".

On my Windows desktop machine, this value is "112x27", for the same image data I send in.

Furthermore, I cannot seem to call anything on the resultant Image in my main.java file - what I can't explain is why the Frame code works in the ToolkitDemo, but not in my servlet...

any help would be appreciated...


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