Photo Emmanuel PUYBARET
35, rue de Chambéry
75015 PARIS
52, married, two children
French native, fluent in English

Tel: +33 1 58 45 28 27

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Master's degree in Industrial Design/Product design, U.T.C. (University of Technology of Compiègne).


Aeronautics Engineer, E.S.T.A.C.A. (Graduate School of Aeronautics Engineering and Cars Construction).


BS in Computer science, University of Paris 6 (specialization in 2D/3D graphics, Artificial Intelligence, signal processing).



Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS X, Linux.


Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL, C, C++, C#, Objective C, UML.

Java API

J2SE / Java SE: AWT, Swing, Java 2D, JavaSound, JDBC, SAX, DOM, JNI, multi-threading.
J2EE / Java EE: Servlet, JSP, JSF, JPA, JavaMail, JMS, EJB.
Other API: Struts, Hibernate, Ant, JUnit/TestNG, Abbot, FEST, SWT/JFace, Java 3D, WebGL.


Since 1999


Java Engineer and Trainer, freelancer, eTeks.

  • eTeks (1999-2019): Author of the web site (more than 10,000 visits per month):
    • Writing in French of the tutorial From C/C++ to Java and programming tips.
    • Development of Java products available under GNU GPL Open Source license: Sweet Home 3D interior design application, Jeks Swing spreadsheet, PJA Toolkit graphical library.
    • Development of the navigation applet TeksMenu sold to ten web sites.
  • AFTI, BSPP, CAI, EFREI, ENSEA, ESIC, ESIGETEL, GRETA, ib, Infotel, Intrabases, ITIN, LTM, SmartFutur, SofTeam, Sun Educational (1999-2018, 23 months): Trainings in Java, JDBC, JSP, Swing, Java 2D, Java 3D, C++.
  • Somain Sécurité, Presenta Nova, Bauer... (2009-2019, 14 months): Development of customized versions of Sweet Home 3D.
  • ej-technologies (2010-2012, 18 months): Support and development of install4j installation software in Java / Swing.
  • Exane derivatives (2008, 5 months): Development of an orders supervising application using Java 6 / Swing / JNI.
  • AdClin (2007, 2 months): Design and development of a clinical database browser using Java / Swing / JDBC.
  • SG CIB (2007, 4 months): Development on Java / Swing client-side of EProM application in IDEA project.
  • Atos Origin/Renault (2006, 3 months): Development of Dialogys application new features using Java / Swing / XML.
  • InfoVista (2005-2006, 2x1 months): Development of a Web application to follow IP phone calls quality using JSP / JDBC.
  • BNP Paribas Securities Services (2004-2005, 6 months): Development on Java / Swing framework for GRP project.
  • Stypers (2003, 2 months): Development of the recruitment agency Intranet using JSP / Struts / Hibernate / MySQL.
  • CDC-IXIS (2001-2002, 4 months): Development of an application and applets using Java / XML / TIB-Rendezvous.
  • Chronopost (2000-2001, 3 months): Development of a server to exchange information about parcels process using Java / JDBC / JMS with a JSP command interface.
  • Crédit Agricole Indosuez, front-office of the currency exchange market (1999-2000, 1 year):
    • Development of the Graphical User Interface of a supervising application using Java / Swing / CORBA.
    • Development of applets and servlets for an Internet server.



Software Engineer, Litteral:

    • Development of software in C++ with MFC / ActiveX on Windows 3.1/NT.
    • Development of an HTML interpreter for a help software, with C / Motif on UNIX.
    • Specifications and development of a graphical drawing library in Java.



Computer Engineer, Bintta: Responsible for maintaining and developments of FLORE library, tool for graphical drawing of networks:

    • Design of new FLORE functions, developments in C on UNIX-X11 / Motif, OS/2, Windows 3.1/NT/95, maintaining of common code, version managing.
    • Management of the development team, writing of documentation, training.