Package com.eteks.jeks

Class Summary
JeksCell Cell of a table.
JeksCellEditor Cell editor for computed and default cells.
JeksCellRenderer Cell renderer for computed cells.
JeksCellSet Contiguous set of table cells.
JeksCodec Encoder / decoder of streams at Jeks format.
JeksExpression Cell values for computed expressions in a table.
JeksExpressionParser Parser for expressions entered in table cells.
JeksExpressionSyntax Localized syntax used by the parser to compile expressions defined in a cell.
JeksFrame Main class of Jeks.
JeksFunctionParser Parser for functions entered by user.
JeksFunctionSyntax Localized syntax used by the parser to compile user functions.
JeksInterpreter Interpreter used to compute cell values.
JeksParameter Parameters supported in computed expressions.
JeksTable A spreadsheet table component.
JeksTableModel A table model storing its values in a hashtable with keys of JeksCell class.
ReferringCellsListener This class records the set of the links between the computed cells of a table.
ResourceSyntax Syntax initialized from a ResourceBundle.

Exception Summary
CircularityException Exception thrown by the checkCircularity () method of JeksExpression, if a circularity is detected in the cell's references of a table.
IllegalCellException Exception thrown by the getParameterValue () method of JeksParameter, for invalid references in an expression (#REF!).

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